Friday, December 3, 2010

Slaughter House

At a distance we fuel
The coal of cruelty
And pierce inside the flesh of innocence.
The skin rules the soaked heart,
To what length the wisdom of sacrifice
Drains the blood so pure.
I wonder if it ever could lit
Candle of softness
To conquer the darkness
Of the graveyard
Overriding the vicious void.

Credit : Top Ten Poem of the Month, Poetry Street,UK,April, 2009

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  1. Thank you for following Poet-in-Residence. I've now followed your link to Mainichi and read your post on there, which has inspired me to send them one too. Also I've joined the fun and games at 4 Seasons. I'm looking forward to exploring your blog. Best wishes for the so-called festive season.