Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fire Pearls 2 – Short Masterpieces of Love and Passion (Ed. M Kei ) 2013

virtual tour
she  swells  with pleasure
seventh month
with the baby in the womb
inside  the scanning room

****    ****    ****
her smile
blossoms in the garden of life
the moist breeze
swings on the wings of butterflies
unveiling the early morning dream

****    ****    ****
he talks
with angry voice
the words
I rearrange to compose
a  kindhearted  poem

****    ****    ****
sprinkles of memories
essay the rainbow of union
the tender lips
urge  the swollen eyes
earnestly for your forgiving

****    ****    ****
winter twilight
recedes from the old hut
tender warmth
I reorient  my single bed
close to my family album

****    ****    ****

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