Wednesday, April 30, 2014

touch of warmth
melts the dew drops
the teary woman
wipes out her drenched grief
of the winter morning

****    ****    ****
rolling stones
of the remote valley
the sand dunes
somewhere in desert  preserve
the footprints  of my long journey

****    ****    ****
frail tree
still in breath
the old widow          
in loneliness branches
out her best wishes

****    ****    ****
fragrance of flower
from far off distance
our relationship
I narrate and mail her
through the gentle  wind

****    ****    ****
behind the window
she smiles half-way
I hold back tears
from my swollen eyes and
return home drenched in rain

The Bamboo Hut, Vol1, No.3, 2014 (Ed. Steve Wilkinson)

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