Saturday, May 24, 2014

chestnut moon—
birthday pudding makes
the baby smile

Indian Spring Haiku: in "Wah": A Bilingual Qtrly Haiku Journal,Vol.1 No.1 April 2014 First released at Haiku Canada,Ottawa

earth returns
kisses from sky
in blossoms
Rabindranath Tagore
no fear of shower
a message of spring
in the tap water
spring rain -
an artist's painting
springs to life
orchard path —
ripe mangoes glistening
in dawn light
Gautam Nadkarni
baby's smile -
a sugar moon lights up
my window
Melbourne Cup Day –
a honeyeater darts
under the hat
rainwater pool
tadpoles swim
in the spring sky
spring flowers...
the sound of a garden
buzzing bees
old melodies
playing on father's radio
spring night
music of wind--
flowers whispering
arrival of spring
dew drops -
the color of a blue bird
a good morning
on my bedroom window …
teensy-weensy leaf
Seshu Chamarty

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ripples in pond--
thoughts encircle me
in my solitude

inaugural issue
I unfold the pages
of by gone days

heavy snow--
church-bell melts
the silence

Writers and Lovers Café ,  Spring issue 2014 (Ed. Tad Wojnicki Israel)