Saturday, January 31, 2015

From My Memory Book

The lone landmass is surrounded by water body of great Chilka lake in Odisha along the east coast of India. The barefooted, half-clad boat-man embraces the murmuring breeze and recites the age-old folk song for the Goddess Kalijai.

When we reach the island, he starts narrating the mythological importance of the place. The temple bell rings with the muse of wavy water all around. Our tutorial guide elaborates the geology of the rock exposures. As an amateur earth science student, my mind prompts me quickly to pick up a few pieces of rock, born millions years ago!

In the evening we return back carrying the pleasant memories. In the college reopening day, my professor delivers a lecture on the rise of the Himalaya out of a gigantic ancient ocean, the Tethys Sea. It is an awesome story. I compare and contrast my field trip- the lone landmass encircled by the Chilka lake!

migratory bird
flies in boundless sky
I wake up  
with morning sun sketching
the colorful rainbow wings

Atlas Poetica 13, November, 2012 (Ed.  M Kei)


Friday, January 30, 2015

the earthen pot
broken by untimely storm
the twilight
darkened the hope leaving
thick blood on the floor

****    ****    ****
audience listens 
the melodious song
mother murmurs
with her finger language
to her deaf daughter

****    ****    ****
bird unfolds
the wings of freedom
the lone statue
scripts  from the slum 
the alphabet  of hope 

****    ****    ****
village road
leading to the metro
the dignitary’s visit
ends with full of dust
eclipsing the sky with hopes

****    ****    **** 
with open wings
butterfly kisses the flower
breezy morning
beggars share their warmth
embracing the beauty of nature

****    ****    ****
an old tree
veterans from nearby places
get  together
sharing memories with smiles
under the shadow of  twilight

Bright Stars 1 : An Organic Tanka Anthology, 2014  (Ed. M Kei)
my shadow
lengthens towards light
the cry of owl
reminds me in dream
it  is still midnight

Atlas Poetica 18, Summer  Issue, 2014 (Ed. M Kei)

*****   *****   *****
past, present and future
embedded in Krishna’s* mouth
the far off
dust, dark and dance of fire
through Hubble Space telescope

* In the Hindu religion books   it is narrated how Lord  Krishna manifested the spectrum of universe to his mother, Yoshoda, by opening his mouth.

Atlas Poetica 18, Summer Issue, 2014 (Ed. M Kei)

*****   *****   *****

in cosmic dance 
God particles
sparkle the stillness
in the discovery tunnel

*Natraja is regarded as cosmic dancer and is depicted of God Shiva.

Atlas Poetica 18, Summer Issue, 2014 (Ed. M Kei)

*****   *****   *****

Boddhi tree*--
in deep meditation
closing my eyes
I turn within discovering
reflection of sound and light

* Boddhi tree is regarded as the sacred  tree, located in Bodh Gaya, India. Lord Buddha attained enlightenment  under the tree.

Atlas Poetica 18, Summer Issue, 2014 (Ed. M Kei)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

the street dog
with  a bare bone
the frail baby
cries over the skinned breast
under the shadow of neon light

Atlas Poetica 17, Spring Issue, 2014 (Ed. M Kei)

***   ***   ***   ***
eclipsing each other
I miss
the calmness of the moon
with layers of chaos and crowd

Atlas Poetica 17, Spring Issue, 2014 (Ed. M Kei)

***   ***   ***   ***
I  murmur
some lines of rhyme
the journey
urges me  to revisit
memories of my village again

Atlas Poetica 17, Spring Issue, 2014 (Ed. M Kei)

***   ***   ***   ***

Monday, January 26, 2015

winter morning
a thin patch of warmth
at old windowsill

The World Haiku Review, Winter January 2015 (Ed. Susumu Takiguchi)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

foreign land—
I sense the breeze 
of intimacy

bidesh jaga—
mu anubhaba kare malayara

Cattails, January 2015 (Ed. any'a)
Wide-toothed comb
first dose of chemo
New Year’s eve

Asahi Shimbun, 2.1.2015 (Ed. David McMurray)
a moonlit night
the sea unloads its
but desire carries on
like wave after wave

chandni rati
samudra prakash kare tara
kintu icha nirantra huye
lahadi pare lahadi bhali

Cattails, January 2015 (Ed. any'a)