Friday, October 30, 2015

Shadows swim across a floating  migrant

Asahi Shimbun, 30th Nov 2015 (Ed. David McMurray)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tanka Prose

Atlas Poetica 23 : A Journal of World Tanka Published by Keibooks

Press Release – For Immediate Release – Please post to all appropriate venues
28 October 2015 – Perryville, Maryland, USA
Keibooks announces the release of Atlas Poetica : A Journal of World Tanka, issue 23. This issue focusses on tanka prose, especially short tanka prose, but there are also longer pieces in the issue, as well as pieces that challenge the definition of what it means to be ‘tanka prose.’ From very short fragmentary pieces to full-bodied tanka prose novels, a wide range of over 100 tanka prose pieces by scores of different authors provide a rich palette of possibilities.
Atlas Poetica 23 is now available for purchase at or at your favorite online retailer.
In This Issue:
Alegria Imperial, Alexander Jankiewicz , Alexis Rotella, Anna Cates, Anne Benjamin, Autumn Noelle Hall, Barbara Strang, Bob Lucky, Bruce England, C. W. Carlson, Carole Johnston, Charles D. Tarlton, Chen-ou Liu, Cherie Hunter Day, Claire Everett, David J. Kelly, Debbie Strange, Don Miller, Eusebeia Philos, Genie Nakano, Geoffrey Winch, Gerry Jacobson, Goran Gatalica, Guy Simser, Ignatius Fay, Jade Pandora, Jean Pfeffer, Jenny Fraser, Jesus Chameleon, Joan Boonin, Joanna Ashwell, Joanne Morcom, Jonathan Day, Joy McCall, Julie Bloss Kelsey, Kath Abela Wilson, Larry Kimmel, Liam Wilkinson, Lorne Henry, Lynda Monahan, Lynn Tara Austin, M. Kei, Mac Miller, Margaret Van Every, Marianne Paul, Marilyn Humbert, Marsha Oseas, Marshall Bood, Martin Anderson, Matsukaze, Matthew Caretti, Maxianne Berger, Mike Montreuil, Miriam Sagan, Natsuko Wilson, Neal Whitman, Patricia Prime, Peter Fiore, Pravat Kumar Padhy, Rebecca Drouilhet, Richard St. Clair, Roary Williams, Robyn Cairns, Ruth Holzer, S. M. Abeles, Sandra Renew, Sanford Goldstein, Sonam Chhoki, Stephen Galiani, Stephen Toft, Stephanie Brennan, Tim Gardiner, Tish Davis, Traci Siler, Tracy Davidson, Vasile Moldovan

Sunday, October 25, 2015

the temple steps
lead to the corner end…
with Ardhanarishvara
the devotees divinely sense
the softness of the stony carvings

Author’s note: The name Ardhanarishvara means ‘the Lord whose half is a woman’. In Hinduism and Indian mythology many deities are represented as both male and female, manifesting with characteristics of both genders, including Ardhanarishvara, created by the merging of the Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati.

Special Feature on “Yin, Yang, and Beyond: Short Poems of Sex and Gender in the 21st Century”, Atlas Poetica, 2015 (Ed.Tokido Kizenzen)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

thin breeze ―
the tender leaves
collect songs

feine Brise ―
zarte Blätter
sammeln Lieder

thick crowd ―
her voice reaches
to unknowns

Menschenansammlung ―
ihre Stimme greift
nach Unbekannten

Chrysanthemum 18, October  2015 (Ed. Beate Conrad)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

liquid garden--
sprinkles of sunlight
on coral blossoms

Shamrock 32, Oct 2015 (Ed. Anatoly Kudryavitsky)