Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ekphrastic Tanka, Dec 2015

the brilliance
of cosmic dance
god particle
at the sparkled center 
radiates blissful rays


a long journey
through twilight shade
as gift of nature
I embrace the darkness
the light of my inner thought

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

journey of life 
lays as tiny footings
the imprints
remain as  joy of image
on the silent   rock surface

Ekphrastic Tanka, Nov 2015 (Ed. Lorette C. Luzajic)

Thursday, December 3, 2015

the moon behind the shyness your crescent smile

A Hundred Gourds 5:1 December 2015 (Ed. Lorin Ford)

a frog jumps into
scary night

Brass Bell Haiku, December 2015 (Ed. Zee Zahava)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

One Man's Maple Moon: Starlit Sky Tanka by Pravat Kumar Padhy

English Original

the spider climbs
up the corner edge
on stepping stones
the handicapped boy
aims towards the starlit sky

Ribbons, 9:2,  Fall 2013

Pravat Kumar Padhy

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Bio Sketch
Born in India, poems widely published and anthologized. Works referred in Spectrum History of Indian Literature in English, Alienation in Contemporary Indian English Poetryetc. Poems awarded high acclamations by Writer’s Guild of India and Editors’ Choice awards. Pravat Kumar Padhy's Japanese short form of poetry appeared in many international journals and anthologies. Songs of Love: A celebration is his third collection of verse by Writers Workshop, Calcutta. Featured in The Dance of the Peacock: An Anthology of English Poetry from India, to be published by Hidden Brook Press, Canada, 2014
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The comparison between the two parts of the poem is poignant, and the closing image effectively lifts the poem up a notch.