Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Keibooks Announces Neon Graffiti: Tanka Poetry of Urban Life

Press Release – For Immediate Release – Please post to all appropriate venues
26 November 2016 – Perryville, Maryland, USA
Neon Graffiti: Tanka Poetry of Urban Life
Edited by M. Kei
Published by Keibooks, Perryville, Maryland, USA
Print: $18.00 (US)
Kindle: $3.00 (US)
6.69″ x 9.61″
232 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1537708508
ISBN-10: 1537708503
Nearly a hundred poets from around the world contributed more than 700 tanka to the anthology. The resulting mixture shows us the human condition is the same everywhere in the world. We work, we fall in love, we go to school, we shop, we travel, we worry, we worship, we fear, we aspire. We make homes and live dreams. Sometimes we are thwarted by illness, death, or crime. We have compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves, and when we are at our wit’s end, we find spiritual sustenance where we least expect it: in the tattered beauty of a troubled world. In the end, we leave behind our poems as an anthology of the soul.
ai li, Alegria Imperial, Ali Znaidi, Anna Cates, Autumn Noelle Hall, ayaz daryl nielsen, Barbara A. Taylor, Bill Waters, Bob Lucky, Brendan Slater, Britton Gildersleeve, Bruce England, Carole Harrison, Carole Johnston, Chen-ou Liu, Claire Everett, Crystal Eidson, Cynthia Rowe, David J. Kelly, Debbie Johnson, Debbie Strange, Don Miller, Elizabeth Howard, Elizabeth Moura, Elizabeth Spencer Spragins, Eric A. Lohman, G. Smith, Gavin Austin, Genie Nakano, Geoffrey Winch, Gerry Jacobson, Jennifer Hambrick, Jens Petter Kollhøj, Jessica Malone Latham, Joanne Morcom, John Tehan, Joy McCall, Judit Katalin Hollós, Julie Bloss Kelsey, Kath Abela Wilson, Keitha Keyes, Kiersta Recktenwald, Larry Kimmel, Lavana Kray, Lee Jackson, LeRoy Gorman, Leslie Bamford, Liam Wilkinson, Linda Galloway, Lorne Henry, M. Kei, Malintha Perera, Margaret Chula, Margaret Van Every, Marianne Paul, Marilyn Humbert, Marilyn Morgan, Mark Gilbert, Marshall Bood, Martha Magenta, Mary Gunn, Matsukaze, Matthew Caretti, Matthew Paul, Michael G. Smith, Mike Montreuil, Miriam Sagan, Neal Whitman, Pat Geyer, Patricia Prime, Payal A. Agarwal, Peg Duthie, Peter Fiore, Pravat Kumar Padhy, Richard St. Clair, Richard Stevenson, Robyn Cairns, Roger Jones, Ron Scully, Ruth Holzer, S. M. Kozubek, Samantha Sirimanne Hyde, Sandra Renew, Stephanie Brennan, Steve Black, Susan Burch, Sylvia Forges-Ryan, Tanja Julija Trček, Tim Gardiner, Tish Davis, Tracy Davidson, Vanessa Leanage, Xela Von
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P O Box 516
Perryville, MD 21903 USA

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