Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Travel Poem

Vehicles stand like islands
In the polluted shallow ponds.
The tottering plastic top
Is the make shifts office
Of the conductor in front.
He keeps under his feet
A broken hand fan
And often frightens
As if it might be stolen.

With roaring voice he hunts
To collect passengers like cattle
No shelter to hide the sun and rain
A semi open broken space
Where the vehicles take a stand.

Loudly the conductor voices
In telegraphic style
To screen the rush.
The bus starts as an old camel steps
On every one’s face
The journey of innocence glitters.

Semi clad ingenuous passengers
Squeeze their fragile hands.
To place their feet
Keep their head down
Often lifting their legs.
After day long toil
Life rolls on as wind whirls around
It is a returning journey
To their homes every evening.

Mumbai: My India **

Divided in the darkness of faith
Mother runs ahead of emotional time
Her dearest she lost
Thunder of cry rains
And storm of grief blankets
Every one’s mind

God created us with purpose
At a distance in isolation
He might be repenting
To humans animals are far better

The blacken paints, anguish faces
Express the voice in silence
The Moon and the Mars awaiting next
Lament the conflicting human race

Rhetoric words from
The lexicon of revulsion
Busy sinking in distinguishing
Red blood from the red.

Still in the thickness of tragedy
Pigeons carry the message of love
Near the eclipsed palace we wait
For the new Sun to rise.

** Ref No: WGI-Pongal-Comp-001/01-01-2010

Pravat Kumar Padhy,

Sub: Selection of Writers Guild of India prizes to stories submitted during Sankranthi
Prose / Poetry Competitions – Reg.

I am extremely happy to inform you that the WGI – Selection Committee, constituted by WGI has adjudged your story / poetry entitled Mumbai: My India, Aspiring Green as a 4th and 5th Best Story / Best Poetry prize award. This prize award carries a WGI Memento (Shield), and a commendation certificate. You will be honored in the WGI Story volume “Mayukha” or WGI Poetry volume “Yennela” releasing function to be held at Hyderabad, shortly.

Prizes have to be received personally by the prize winners. Invitations for the releasing function will be sent you in advance.

You are requested to send you’re a latest passport size photograph and also inform your phone number, e mail address and change in your address, if any, for communications.

Before I conclude this letter, I convey my advance congratulations for winning the Writers Guild of India prize.

The receipt of this letter may please be acknowledged.

Yours truly,

Venkateshwarlu Bulemoni,
President, WGI AP Chapter,
Writers Guild of India

Poetically Yours

Penning poetry is a way of life and it embodies human awareness. At an early age in schooling I reminisce searching the pearl of words like artist painting with his brush and shading rainbow of colours. I sent some of my poems, initially written in my mother tongue, to the editor. To my surprise I saw these poems appeared on the wall magazine of the hostel. I carefully sheltered my belief and conformed with hesitation whether was the same handwritten poem I composed, when I was a student of intermediate science, sitting on my old wooden chair. The words were tied with the amalgamated thread of natural beauty and social fabrics. It gave me immense pleasure. I once again glanced over it while returning from the dining room. “It is nice you have some inclination towards literature”, my friends and seniors complimented.
I remember my first poem appeared in print in the “SCOLOMANICA”. The titled “Poems” read as
“We are born to live
We live to love
We love to win
And we win not to come again…..
Love is the legend of life
It has no shape, size of its own
It is as pure as milk
and is as soft as the Himalayan snow….”.
To date I still preserve the little magazine with large care. Indeed it has been a great pleasure rendering birth to a creation in the form art, poetry or dance. Often I wonder all these artistic manifestations reflect one’s inner recess in a scientific style. When I share my writing with my friends and read out with aesthetic voice, I feel a great solace. Like a bird I carefully pick the words, rearrange them to a meaningful silhouette. Quite often I feel delivering some thing to the society through the treasure of words means some value.
Poetically we can interpret science and conventionally it fathoms a lot of reasoning. The realignment of voice tracks a path of transmission and it scintillates differently to become more understandable. Perhaps it migrates some messages through the language interweaved with new phrases with hopes lingering to aspire. To place it more candidly here is one of my poems, “How Beautiful…” published long ago, in the Indian Express:

If birds could talk
trees could walk with us
flowers could express their
cause of smile
spring could speak its desire
and meaning of songs to the rocks
waves could stop for a while
so that we could have some words with them
silence could spell out its
aim of being a saint
past could return and
open its petals afresh
graveyard could woke up
after the sun rise
and chat with us.
It emanates a scientific and social eagerness. The modern science, with all possibility, is deemed to revolutionize into platform of reality. When we see a flower or any natural thing, we sublimate poetically the beauty embedded in it. We celebrate it as art. The science unveils these in the form of chemistry of colour and physics of light. The journey of literature rendezvous with social culture and creative scientific milieu. I got an opportunity to deliver a point on this in a wide gathering of a school. At the end of my speech I solemnly pledge all these strike to my mind likea stream of poem.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Poetry: The Muse of Manuscripts

I sincerely value art and literature in human life. Poetry is the essence of human urge and awareness. The mystic of art and literature delightfully reveals the kaleidoscope of science through colorful flair of human aspiration. It amalgamates the spiritual romanticism and intellectual cadence of human beings in the perennial journey along the corridor of nature’s panorama of blissful beauty.

Poetry is a stream murmuring our emotional songs all through its journey. Life is a boat sailing on the ripples of art and literature. Science is the composite reflection, Poetry is its genetic soul. Let us put poetry to thrive in time and anti time, in matter and anti matter. Let it speak out the truth of human life.

About Me

Brief Professional Career:

Professionally a petroleum Geologist, presently holding a senior executive position in Oil And Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). Received his Masters of Science and doctorate in Applied Geology from the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. Widely traveled to various countries namely Malaysia, Singapore, Austria, Hungary and other European countries and presented number of scientific papers in national and international seminars.

Carried out extensive geo-scientific interpretation work on petroliferous basins of India and authored/co-authored number of scientific papers in national and international journals. Pioneered the concept of Oil Shale exploration, scope for “Ancient Oil exploration in India and Gas Hydrate Destabilisation and Biogenic Gas Prospects. Invited for AAPG International Conference and Exhibition in Vienna and UNO sponsored UNITAR conference Beijing for technical paper presentation. Associated with various collaborative projects including one with the Melbourne University, Australia.

Invited as guest speaker by The University Grant Commission, Dept. Science and Technology, Geological Survey of India, The University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Delta Studies Institute etc for scientific deliberations.

Early Literary Pursuits

Published a number of literary articles and review publications in the leading English news papers, literary journals and is widely anthologized. In early school career endowed with the natural beauty and used to write articles pertaining to scenic landscape of resplendent nature. Also written scholarly articles on Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose and others in early school days. Published poems and literary articles in Oriya in the leading news papers and literary journals. The critical essay on Nobel Laureate Isaac Singer, Jnanpith Awardees Ageneya and Amrita Pritam, Megasys Awardee Arun Shouri, Ezra Pound and Saint Poet of Orissa Baikuntha Nath and others appeared in Oriya News papers, leading journals and distinguished periodicals.


Poems appeared in The Indian Express (Baroda), The Times of India (Baroda), Life and Times of Indira Gandhi Issue by Times of India, 1984, RJES (Sikar), Byword (New Delhi), Skylark (Aligarh), Youth Age (Pondichery), University Today (New Delhi), Poet (Chennai), Commonwealth Quarterly (Mysore), Poetry (Aska), Poesie (Berhampur), Canopy (Bareilly), Samabedana (Mangalore), Unilit (Secunderabad),Hesperus Review, Calcutta, The Literary Endeavour (Hyderabad), Kavita India (Muzafarpur), Poetry Time (Berhampur), Poesie (Berhampur), Prativa India (New Delhi), Art and Poetry Today (New Delhi), PoetCrit (Maranda), Rock Pebbles (Cuttack), Samavedana, Mangalore, Literary Horizon (Amravavati), Writer’s Life Line (Canada), Creative Forum (New Delhi) including in various E-Zines namely, Asian American poetry (USA), Muse India (Hyderabad), All Poets (USA), Poetry Street (UK), Poetry Poem (USA), I love Poetry (USA), Poets India, Got Poetry (USA), , Web Poetry Corner, USA, Yo India, Poetbay (USA), kritya (India), Australian Society of Poets, Post Poetry (USA), Write Clique (British Council Sri Lanka), Writers Interactive (USA), World Poetry Press, Dreamers Reality, USA ,Poet Co Za (South Africa) , Poetry Pages (USA), Universal Journal, USA, Poetry First, India, The Enchanting Verses, International Poetry Journal, VIII issue, 2009. First Haiku accepted in prestigious “Aha Poetry” USA,


Anthologised in Intercontinental Poetry Number (1979),RJES Intercontinental Poetry Number (1979), Modern Trends in Indo-Anglian Poetry, Prevalent Aspects of Indian English Poetry (1983), Anti-War Vol-II, Canada (1984), Pan-continental Premier Poets,1986, Pan-Continental Poets Number, 1987, Trapped Word (1987), East-West Voices (1988), Contemporary Indian English Poetry (1988), Best from East & West, 1990, Contemporary Indian English Love Poetry (1990), Pan-Continental Poets Number,1990 The Third Eye: An Anthology of Contemporary Indian English Poetry, 1991, World Poetry Anthology, 1991,92 & 93, Special volume on Interviews with Indian Writing in English (1992), Writer’s Workshop, Kolkotta.


Honourably mentioned in various English literary distinguished journals, anthology, critical reviews including Indian Literature, Sahitya Akademy Publications, New Delhi, Times of India and Indian Express, Recent Indian Poets,1992. Quest for Identity in Indian English Writing (Poetry), 1992, Anger in Action: Exploration in Indian Writing in English, 1996, Spectrum History of Indian Literature in English, 1997, Alienation in Contemporary Indian English Poetry, 2002, Contemporary Indian Poetry, 2004, Voices of Present- Critical Essay on Indian Poets, 2006 etc.

Invited to the World Congress of Poets, Thailand, 1988, National Meets of Poets, Chennai, 1989.

Included in the International Authors and Writers Who’s Who, Dictionary of International Biography, International Biographical Centre,Cambridge, England. International Who’s Who in Poetry and Poets Encyclopaedia, IBC, World Who’s Who (Europa Biographical Reference, Rutledge, London), Poetry Index Annual, Granger Book Co, International Book in Prints Verlah GmbH and Company , World wide Government Directory, CQ Press etc.


Special jury appreciation for the poem, “Autobiography” in National Poetry Competition, 1983, Awarded Certificate of Honour by Writer’s Life Line, Canada in 1984Top Poetry Award for “Abstract Poems” (adjudged as the 2nd best entry) by the Asian Americal Poetry e-Journal, March, 2009. Honoured as “Featured Poet” by Poetry Street e-Journal, UK. Poem “Slaughter House” has been included in Top Ten Poems Category, April 09, Poetry Street, UK; The poem “God’s Gift” and others chosen as the Poem of The Hour by Dreamers Reality Journal, USA.

The poem “Aspiring Green” selected as quality submission in The Poetry Street’s National Poetry Day Competition, UK,2009, The Poem “We All One” and Pearls of Words (Haiku Poems) selected as Editors Choice, PoetBay, USA, 2009.


Member, World Poets Society, USA and United Minds for Peace Society (UMFPS) Reviewed articles including English version of Sahitya Akademi won Punjabi novel “Ba Mulahiza Hoshiar” by Narendra Pal Singh. Participated in the radio talk on Gandhiji and Non-violence, Akashvani, Vadodra.

Poetry Book

Literary publication of verse, Silence of the Seas.