Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Other-half

There is hardly any approach road to the other side. The tall palm trees, at a distance, give some hope of companionship. The faint steps of passersby lead to the thinly populated tribal village. The gentle aroma is in the air.

I find myself in a different world when I manage to reach over there. Free hand drawn paintings, on dwarf mud-wall, speak a lot of sublime kindness.

Out of gesture, someone rushes to bring a basketful of seasonal fruits for me. I enjoy the opportunity of mixing my smiles with their innocence under the great banyan tree. The sun sparkles through thick foliage sprinkling sheer happiness.

I return with feeling of warmth to store memories in my flat inside the crowded multistory tower.

evening breeze--
a bird is slowly flying

Simply Haiku, Vol.9, No.3&4, 2011 

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