Thursday, March 28, 2013

From My Memory Book

Pravat Kumar Padhy

Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

The lone landmass is surrounded by water body of great Chilka lake in Odisha along the east coast of India. The barefooted, half-clad boat-man embraces the murmuring breeze and recites the age-old folk song for the Goddess Kalijai.

When we reach the island, he starts narrating the mythological importance of the place. The temple bell rings with the muse of wavy water all around. Our tutorial guide elaborates the geology of the rock exposures. As an amateur earth science student, my mind prompts me quickly to pick up a few pieces of rock, born millions years ago!

In the evening we return back carrying the pleasant memories. In the college reopening day, my professor delivers a lecture on the rise of the Himalaya out of a gigantic ancient ocean, the Tethys Sea. It is an awesome story. I compare and contrast my field trip- the lone landmass encircled by the Chilka lake!

migratory bird
flies in boundless sky
I wake up  
with morning sun sketching
the colorful rainbow wings

Atlas Poetica 13, November, 2012 (Ed.  M Kei)

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