Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tanka Prose

The Breeze of Love 

Like a bird she wishes to have her dream of freedom as she inhales the sublime love at an early dawn. Her tendered-eyed magical beauty sways in the gentle wind along the Gopalpur sea shore.

Perhaps she has to travel the early passage of time before mingling with godly feeling. The mystic change she correlates with the beauty of nature. As she steps into a different moonlit world, laced with myriads of smiles, poems of possessiveness and seeds of beauty sprout like little stars.

her love swells
to an aesthetic height
full moon night
the romantic clouds sail around
kissing the moon once and again

The melodious breeze sings songs of romance to the rhythmic tune of sinuous waves. The architect of nature secretly plants the seed of enchantment in her garden of life.

Atlas Poetica  15  July 2013 (Ed. M Kei)

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