Friday, April 25, 2014

the earthen pot
broken by untimely storm
the twilight
darkened the hope leaving
thick blood on the floor

*****    *****     *****
audience listens 
the melodious song
mother murmurs
with her finger language
to her deaf daughter

****    ****    ****
bird unfolds
the wings of freedom
the lone statue
scripts  from the slum 
the alphabet  of hope 

****    ****    ****
village road
leading to the metro
the dignitary’s visit
ends with full of dust
eclipsing the sky with hopes

*****     ****   ****
with open wings
butterfly kisses the flower
breezy morning
beggars share their warmth
embracing the beauty of nature

****    ****    ****
an old tree
veterans from nearby places
get  together
sharing memories with smiles
under the shadow of  twilight

Bright Stars Anthology, Vol. 1,  2014  (Ed. M Kei)

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