Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Special Feature: Atlas Poetica, April 2015

Myth & The Creative Imagination, Special Feature by Sonam Chhoki, Atlas Poetica. 22 April 2015 — Perryville, Maryland, USA

Atlas Poetica : A Journal of World Tanka announces the publication of a new special feature, ‘Myths and the Creative Imagination’ edited by Sonam Chhoki. “Twenty-five poets from around the world attest to the power of myths to open up the world of imagination. Some delve into the rich symbolism, others draw out the resonance that particular myths have for them, and still others interpret the theme of this special feature to explore their own personal myths.”—from the editor.
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Sample Poems:

how can I fault
the curious Pandora
for opening the jar—
I thought my face cream too
promised eternal youth

Margaret Chula, Portland, Oregon, USA

an ant
on this pilgrim path . . .
oh teach me, Santiago
the size of today
the strength of now

Carole Harrison, Jamberoo, Australia

from a ball of flesh
Queen Gandhari brings forth
her Kaurava clan . . .
science celebrates Louise Brown,
the first test-tube baby

Pravat Kumar Padhy, Odisha, India

the humming of the clock
fading now to silence
by your bedside
half a world away
a banshee prepares to sing

John Tehan, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

cut an oxhide into strips . . .
the glorious city
of Carthage bloomed
in the Mediterranean Sea

Ali Znaidi, Tunisia

Jenny Ward Angyal, an’ya, Marjorie Buettner, Margaret Chula, Tish Davis, Sanford Goldstein, Autumn Noelle Hall, Carole Harrison, Elizabeth Howard, Marilyn Humbert, Gerry Jacobson, Chen-ou Liu, Gregory Longenecker, Vasile Maldovan, Joy McCall, Mike Montreuil, Pravat Kumar Padhy, Patricia Prime, Aruna Rao, Miriam Sagan, Debbie Strange, John Tehan, Laura Williams, Kath Abela Wilson, Ali Znaidi.

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